Find a Proctor

If you have had your application for a ServSuccess exam approved, congratulations! The next step is to register for a proctored exam session. Below is a list of Registered Proctors for ServSuccess exams. Please contact a proctor near you by their listed contact information in order to learn more about upcoming exam sessions they have scheduled.
Upon receipt of a registration fee* the proctor will email you a link to register in one of their scheduled exam sessions. Simply click on the link to register in the exam session. Once registered, your exam will appear in the “My Learning & Exams” area of

On the day of your exam session:

  1. Log in to your ServSuccess account
  2. Navigate to My Learning & Exams
  3. Select the “Exams” tab on your dashboard to view/launch your exam
Please note: The proctor will need to provide you with the exam session password so you can unlock your exam.  

* Registration fees are set by Registered Proctors and may vary.
´╗┐First Name Last Name Company State Phone Email
Karen Fulkerson California Restaurant Association CA 916-431-2735
Robert Hemmer ATC Food Safety CA 707-363-6032
Dave Steck Serve It Up Safe FL 813-781-8884
Tasha Walker National Restaurant Association IL 312-676-7125
Heidi Hiner Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association MI 517-377-3937
Laura Nesbitt Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Association MI 517-702-3944
Michael Bauer Mike's Food Safety Class, LLC. MS 601-325-1044
Stephen Bowen Safe Food Instruction LLC. NC 910-441-5275
Joan Clarico HRFoodSafe NH 855-478-7246
Michael DiVecchio HRFoodSafe NH 855-478-7246
Celeste Konn HRFoodSafe NH 855-478-7246
Beth Koster HRFoodSafe NH 855-478-7246
Jillian Coursey Oklahoma Restaurant Association OK 405-942-8181
Chandy Rice Oklahoma Restaurant Association OK 405-942-8181
Sue Smith Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association OR 503-682-4422
Hope Sterner Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association PA 717-963-8368
Laurie Camara Rhode Island Hospitality Association RI 401-223-1120
Heather Singleton Rhode Island Hospitality Association RI 401-223-1120
Monika Zuluaga Rhode Island Hospitality Association RI 401-215-3900
Nichole Livengood South Carolina Restaurant and Lodging Association SC 864-320-3002
Phil Willis Texas Restaurant Association TX 512 457-4166
Rebecca Meadows Southern Hospitality Training Services of Virginia, LLC VA 804-247-9490


If you don't see a proctor near you in the list above, please email for assistance.