Certified Restaurant Supervisor (CRS)

CRS-RibbonIt started when you noticed that you not only could coach your co-workers but that they would follow your lead. That you have a knack for solving problems and thinking on your feet. And when your manager noticed, you got promoted to a larger role … one that is allowing your leadership skills to shine.
Earn the Certified Restaurant Supervisor credential and show the world that your evolution into a leader is just getting started.

Designed by restaurant industry experts, the exam focuses on your most important supervisory skills:

Implementation of Company Policies • Meeting Customer Service and Quality Assurance Goals • Leadership • Workplace Safety • Cost Control

Who should apply for CRS?

If you are in an entry-level supervisory job like the ones listed here, then CRS is right for you:
Assistant Kitchen Manager   Kitchen Lead
Assistant Manager   Opener
Cafeteria Manager   Shift Leader
Closer   Shift Manager
Food Service Supervisor   Shift Supervisor
Key Hourly Associate   Supervisor


These are the only qualifications you need to get your application approved and the opportunity to ace the exam.
Work Experience
  • CRP Certification plus 400 hours of industry experience in a supervisory role
  • 800 hours of industry experience in a supervisory role
Previous Learning
  • Valid ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certificate or equivalent
Character Reference 
  • Reference confirming competencies listed on Character Reference Form
Are you ready to be a superstar supervisor? Order your CRS exam and get ready to soar.
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